Valley Termite & Pest Control is the only company in the region that offers public education seminars on bed bug treatment and prevention. Did you know that Cincinnati ranks in the top five most infested cities in the nation for bed bugs? Valley offers community and staff training to help prevent this epidemic from affecting residences and businesses, so you can sleep tight and not let the bed bugs bite! Contact us today to register for any of our seminars.

  • Apartments

    Valley’s apartments seminar teaches owners, managers, and maintenance personnel how to prevent bed bugs from infesting apartments as tenants move in and out. We work with the Board of Health to make sure your apartment building does not get condemned.

  • Schools & Dorms

    Valley’s schools and dorms seminar is designed to teach students and university personnel all of the options available to prevent and treat bed bug infestations. Students can learn how to get their items fumigated when moving out of the dorm, and university personnel can learn ways to help students prevent infestations.

  • Healthcare Facilities

    Valley’s healthcare facilities seminar is for nurses, case managers, patients, home health care providers, and social workers. Bed bugs have become a leading problem in the healthcare industry. Learn how bed bugs affect you and your patients.

  • Hotels

    Valley’s hotels seminar teaches staff, housekeeping, and maintenance personnel how to find beg bugs in their early stages in order to prevent the problem from getting out of control. Hotels are highly susceptible to lawsuits from bed bug infestations.

  • Transit Vehicles

    Valley’s transit vehicles seminar teaches drivers and staff how to keep public transportation vehicles and taxis sanitized and free of bed bugs. Bed bugs are able to crawl off passengers and their belongings and end up on the seats of the vehicle or on other passengers. To prevent this, educational materials and prevention tips are shared.